What You Need to Know About Duke's Rebate Program (2021)


What You Need to Know About Duke's Rebate Program (2021)

Dukes solar rebate programs has been facilitating the decision to go solar for homeowners in NC for years. For an average system, the rebate allows the recouping of approximately 20% of the system cost ($0.6 for each watt installed). The notice on Dukes website details two separate application periods in 2021; the first being January 6th, the second, July 7th. This should balance the number of seasonal installs, since the number of installs for duke customers clusters around these rebate application periods.

Renewing the rebate program is important not only for solar companies, but also homeowners that consider solar cost-prohibitive without such incentives. Between the Federal Tax Credit and state and local incentives, residential solar systems are returning investments at a much more reasonable rate than previously achieved. That being said, the Duke rebate is still first come-first serve, meaning you need to have the right timing in order to secure it. To get the best chance at the rebate, feel free to contact us, the Tayco Team, for potential options and approaches. You can also visit Dukes website for more information on how it all works at https://www.duke-energy.com/home/products/renewable-energy/nc-solar-rebates

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