SunPower Monitoring provides a 24/7 in-depth look at your system's performance, allowing you to analyze the value of your investment.

Our top-of-the-line solar panels deliver the highest efficiency available in a residential solar panel today—a record-breaking 22.8%. X-Series residential panels convert more sunlight to electricity. They produce 38% more power per panel and 70% more energy per square foot over 25 years. They also have high year-one performance, and deliver 8-10% more energy per rated watt. This advantage increases over time, producing 21% more energy over the first 25 years to meet your needs. That means homeowners get more electricity, more flexibility, more peace of mind, and lower electricity bills.

At the heart of every system is the Maxeon® solar cell, designed with a solid copper foundation to stand up to harsh conditions and deliver decades of productivity. The unique light-trapping surface grabs more power. The ultra pure silicon delivers optimal power conversion.

SunPower’s rooftop, ground, carport and battery storage systems provide you with greater choice, better design, and more value on your path to achieving your clean energy future.


Our solar panels for your home have built-in microinverters hidden behind each panel to optimize power conversion at the source-minimizing disruptions and eliminating the need for ugly external inverters.

Our proprietary Invisimount® frame is designed to be completely hidden, producing a sleek look that complements any architectural style. This system will look great on your roof.
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start saving from day one
Pay nothing out of pocket and immediately lower your monthly electric cost — it’s that simple. We will design, permit, install and maintain your system with $0 out of pocket. As soon as we turn the system on, you start saving money.
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lock in your savings
Utility prices continue to rise; look at the latest from Duke Energy. Solar allows you to have a low, predictable cost of power for decades to come. Do you know anywhere else that can guarantee your cost of anything for the next few decades? Didn’t think so.
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They’re basically throwing money at you to do this. An average homeowner receives $9,000 in tax incentives. These programs don’t last forever, so cash in while you can.
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With the best warranty in the market covering 25 years on performance, product, labor and shipping your biggest worry will be whether the sun rises tomorrow! With solar, you know exactly what your cost is, unlike the utility company that can raise your rates at a moment’s notice. Here’s to no more crazy electric bills.
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resale value
Houses with solar sell faster and for more money. According to Zillow, home with solar sell for on average 4.1% more than a home without.
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go green
For most people, making the switch to solar is also about the green in your back pocket. It feels pretty good to know that for every system we install, we are offsetting about 5,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. So making the switch to solar is a great way to save money as well as do your part to reduce our environmental impact.

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