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Solar energy is an investment in your future and we are committed to making sure you get the most out of that investment. That’s why we only use Sunpower and Tesla technology.

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What You Need to Know About Duke's Rebate Program (2021)

Dukes solar rebate programs has been facilitating the decision to go solar for homeowners in NC for years. For an average system, the rebate allows the recouping of approximately 20% of the system cost ($0.6 for each watt installed). The notice on Dukes website details two separate application periods in 2021; the first being January 6th, the second, July 7th. This should balance the number of seasonal installs, since the number of installs for duke customers clusters around these rebate application periods.‍

How Cost Effective Are Solar Panels In Different Regions?

A new study conducted by DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) documents how solar looks as an investment in various regions across the U.S. While the study intentionally omits and state or federal incentives, it does reveal some of the factors that allow homeowners to save more and faster than others, given the same panel type. The study used a software called the System Advisory Model (SAM) to analyze simple payback period in Phoenix, Tampa, Boston, Kansas City, and Seattle. Overall, the study did find that Boston averaged the quickest returns, whereas Seattle had the potential for the longest payback. According to the analysis, the driving factors behind how cost effective rooftop solar is are: Local electricity price, utility tariff for purchasing excess electricity generated at the house, solar resource at the site and panel orientation and Installed cost of the PV panels. While state and local incentives also play a major role, as they do in the Carolinas, it appears customers have the greatest potential for savings when they have high electricity cost (Boston ~ $0.21/watt), high buyback rates, especially relative to electricity price(Boston ~$0.19/watt), the availability of solar, and of course the average cost of solar. This study does not account for (but does acknowledge) other variables that change within a region, such as orientation, shading, and roof pitch. These can play as large a role as any other factor in the feasibility of a solar project. All more the reason to do your own research, and to seek out consulting rom solar companies with positive reviews.

Energy Analysis Finds Renewables Cut Australia's Emissions More Than Covid

In Australia, a record renewable electricity generation of 26.5% of five of the total nations states total consumption was recorded at the end of September. This analysis was conducted by Hugh Saddler, an energy consultant and Australian National University honorary associate professor. The analysis showed continued growth in renewable energy generation, and coinciding drops in emissions. Carbon emissions due to electricity generation, gas consumption, and transportation in the last 12 months fell by around 4.6% - or 14 million metric tons less of carbon in the atmosphere. The observed reductions took place across five states, Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, and account for nine million consumers.

Planning The Future of Energy: Renewables vs Nuclear

One of the key takeaways behind these findings suggests that the transition to renewable energy should not include nuclear energy as a crutch. As put by Andy Stirling, Professor of Science and Technology Policy at the University of Sussex Business School, said: "This paper exposes the irrationality of arguing for nuclear investment based on a 'do everything' argument. Our findings show not only that nuclear investments around the world tend on balance to be less effective than renewable investments at carbon emissions mitigation, but that tensions between these two strategies can further erode the effectiveness of averting climate disruption."

SunPower Completes Spinoff of Manufacturing Assets to Newly Formed Company Maxeon

A transaction first announced in November 2019, Sunpower has now split into two companies; SunPower as the solar and storage company, and Maxeon Solar Technologies. This deal will allow SunPower to focus on its core business, which is providing residential and commercial solar/storage while Maxeon will continue to produce the high quality panels that Sunpower is known for. The idea is to allow SunPower to focus on its strengths and simplifying their responsibilities. Since the companies founding in 1985, SunPower has survived the ups and downs of the solar industry. This split intends to streamline business and boost future financial outlook for both companies.


This project has been years in the works. @arcadiahomesinc started this project in 2017. In September 2019 the homeowners decided that they wanted to offset as much of their power as the roof would allow using solar. These photos are today 🥳 Projects like this are extremely rewarding. They challenge you. And they help you grow. Happy to have worked with such a great team @arcadiahomesinc to bring this one together! • • • • #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #taycosolar #demandbettersolar #sunpower #battery #environment #energysage #saveourplanet #tesla #solar24news #recycle #environmentallyfriendly #photovoltaic #gogreen #motherearth #globalwarming #climatechange #teslapowerwall #solar #energystorage #energyindependence #solarenergy #renewables #renewableenergy

What people are saying:

"Whitney was great! Keeping us updated every step of the process. Edgar, project manager, was very friendly, knowledgeable, professional. The installation was done very efficiently and the panels look great!! We would definitely recommend them!"


What people are saying:

"TayCo Electric is a great company for Solar Panels. Whitney Smith and her team did an excellent job. Very professional and thorough in every step of the process. Highly recommend to use them."


What people are saying:

"I am very satisfied with their service. They were very professional and they did a great job at installation. No visible wiring what so ever. Whitney in particular is great and she will as answer all your questions in timely manner. Power production is great so far. I would recommend TayCo for solar panels."


What people are saying:

"If you are looking for a solar company that is efficient with good service, this is one. Very responsive to all my requests and provided a good product."


What people are saying:

"Hector with the install team would be my go to guy for future work I want done on the electrical in my house and I will use this company for other projects I have planned. I had four other companies send a rep out for a presentation and Joe and this company blew them all away with outstanding performance."


What people are saying:

"My experience with TayCo has been nothing but pleasant from the moment that I submitted my request for a quote on EnergySage. After talking to multiple companies I went with TayCo because of (1) had the best price for a superior product, (2) provided the longest installation warranty (7 years) in the area and (3) Joe was very knowledgeable and up front so I felt in good hands."


What people are saying:

"I had TayCo Electric wire my new house that was under construction they were responsive, showed up on time and were competitively priced. They did very accurate and efficient wiring. I would highly recommend using this company based off my experience."


What people are saying:

After spending months doing research on solar and which panels and companies are leading the industry, I chose SunPower Solar Panels and they were installed locally by TayCo Electric Inc. I could not be happier with the overall system and experience of being guided through every step of installation.


What people are saying:

"I highly recommend TayCo Electric for Solar system installation in and around Charlotte region. They are the authorized dealers for SunPower systems in North Carolina.They did a comprehensive assessment and went into great details in providing exceptional workmanship that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also caters to the energy needs of my home."


What people are saying:

There is a Sleeping Giant that has awakened for SunPower Residential & Commercial Solar in Union County North Carolina and surrounding areas of North & South Carolina that is raising THE BAR, TayCo Electric.


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