2020 Tax Credit Stepping Down


2020 Tax Credit Stepping Down

At the beginning of 2020, The Federal Solar ITC (tax credit) will begin to step down. At Tayco, we have found there is a lot of confusing information being delivered by solar installers in Charlotte and the Carolinas as the sales staff try to apply a sense of urgency.  Some installers are telling homeowners that the ITC goes away completely next year. That is simply not true. EnergySage has written a detailed ARTICLE that provides important and accurate information about the investment tax credit for solar power. They also provide a link to that reflects the drop in costs in solar and provides prices for solar for areas across the country.

At TayCo Electric & Solar we believe it's important to be transparent and honest with our customers so they can make the best decision for them. If you have additional questions about the federal tax credit or solar installation services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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