New Mexico Utility to Rely 100 Percent on Renewable Energy and Battery Storage


New Mexico Utility to Rely 100 Percent on Renewable Energy and Battery Storage

Wednesday morning, the New Mexico Public regulation Commission unanimously voted to transition the major utility PNM to total reliance on renewable energy. The decision was motivated by a state mandate that requires a move to 100% carbon-free electricity generation by 2050, which fits into the nation-wide plans to do the same in the coming decades.

"An epic decision”

The proposal aims to use 650 mW of solar resources, along with almost half of that capacity in battery storage resources in San Juan County, with another 520 mW of renewable energy in McKinleey County and the Jicarilla Apache reservation. These resources are accompanied by close to $1 billion in capital investments between the two regions.

New Mexico, a Pioneer in Decarbonization

Director of the Sierra Club, a U.S. environmental organization, Camilla Feibelman, stated that these changes will positively impact the New Mexican economy in the long run. Examples include saving rate-payers money through refinancing, investments into the community and worker recovery, and meeting the interests of stakeholders in the energy sector in New Mexico.

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